Time Lapse - Making of one Action

Vegeta & Android 18

Crafting A Candlestick - With Fire and Steel (33)

The day of Human Rights - Build up at Centre Neumünster (12)

Saarbrücken Medieval 2011 (9)

Making of one of the Actions

The Day of Human Rights - Marche aux flambeaux (39)

The day of Human Rights - Centre Neumünster (8)

Book Reading Grauen von Frauen (18)

Street Artist in Luxembourg City (16)

Letter Writing Evening (7)

Visit of Neibarini Zabbery at the Amnesty Section Luxembourg (10)

Amnesty Action at City-Concorde (13)

Commemoration of International Brigades (35)

Candle advertising for Amnesty International Luxembourg


Amnesty stand at the grand-rue in Luxembourg-City (2)

Light a candle for the support of Jabbar Savalan

Campagne bougies 2011 d'Amnesty International Luxembourg

The Golden Woman

The masked woman

Occupy Wall St. Movement Luxembourg (30)

Main building Co-labor

Stop the death penalty in Belarus

Death Penalty Demo Groupe Photos (2)

Belarus Stop the Death Penalty! (48)

Belarus Stop the Death Penalty! Masked Action (7)

Death Penalty Death Statue (9)

Déi Lénk at Dudelange (7)

Goodbye Zafira

Concert Déi Lénk at the Public

Déi Lénk in front of the Match at Dudelange (12)

Déi Lénk Concert at the Public (26)

Commemoration of International Brigades

Flyer Concert Déi Lénk

Local voting poster Déi Lénk (14)

Hunger Strike in Luxemburg

Hunger Strike Iraqi refugees (13)


Migration Festival at the Lux-Expo 2011 Video

Puzzel 50 Years of Amnesty

A Toast to 50 years of Amnesty International (70)

A Toast to 50 years of Amnesty International

Amnesty International at the Meyouzik-Festival 2011 (79)

Meyouzik Festival 2011 - Butterfly's for Nicaragua Action

Fête de la Music Dudelange 2011 (15)