Christmas Market Dudelange (7)

Conference with Ulrike Schubert: citizen participation and participatory budgeting on the city of Freiburg (5)

Amnesty Stand in Luxembourg-City (4)

Sergie Nikitin visit at The Amnesty section in Luxembourg (7)

Day of the Human Rights 2012 (13)

Amnesty Q & A over Facebook (9)

Day of the Human Rights 2012 video

Pride of the caged Falcon

Burning Candles on table

Pixel Attack - Beavis and Butthead


Action of solidarity with the workers of Europe (15)

Illumination in the Grund (22)

Pixel Attack - Mega Man

Christmas Card Amnesty

Yellow Flowers


Nuclear power plant Cattenom



maerchen von der vollekswiss

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The blind Fox

Chun-li drawing

Press Conference Candles 2012 (8)

Day against the Death Penalty (39)

Flashmob Freeze Action: A sign against the precariousness of youth (22)

The Choucroute Fest Déi Lénk (15)