Strike ! You shall not skimp on education (90)

Art in the Park at Bettembourg (22)

Against homophobia (56)

Fairy-Tale Park at Bettembourg (75)

Animal Park at Esch (26)

Wild Animal Shelter Dudelange (29)

Action in front of the Bank of China (1)

25th anniversary of Tiananmen (25)

Flowers (8)

Wild Animal Station Dudelange (45)

Power! Photos! Freedom! (18)

3D Paper Dioramas / The art of Wuppes at the Luxcon (10)

Workshop my body my rights (58)

Cosplay Music Video - Luxcon 30th March 2014 - ''Kickback''

Lego at the Luxcon (12)

Warhammer 40k battle at the Luxcon (31)