Living with Dyslexia ( Legasthenie )

Hi i am Sam van Maris and i have dyslexia.

And this is my story.

What are the Symptoms of Dyslexia you ask?
  • Problems with reading, writing or spelling
  • Often confuses right form left
  • Does not test well and has anxiety about testing
  • Daydreams and zone out in classrooms or meeting scenarios
  • Learning is best wit “hands on “ training rather with reading or writing
  • Reads and rereads without much comprehension
  • Has difficulty with spelling
  • Has difficulty putting thoughts into words
  • Difficulty with writing
  • Tends to hold a pen or pencil differently or very tightly
  • Handwriting is hard to read
  • Difficulty with large or fine motor skills
  • Difficulty reading time on a traditional clock
  • Time management problems
  • Tends to be good at math calculations but word problems are very difficult
  • Tends to be very disorderly ( chaotic ) or extremely orderly

In Luxembourg you need three to four languages.
Languages you need in Luxembourg:
Are Luxembourgish ,French ,German and English.

This chart will show you how good or bad i am with all theses languages.

I have Dyslexia since i’am born .Dyslexia is a learning disability that makes it harder to learn how to write , read and speak. This sickness was not recognize by the Luxembourgish government until 2009.

If you had it, it meant your were stupid. So without the proper help it meant you were lost in school and your notes didn’t get better. School was hard. I did try my best but it didn’t work. I did fail in every languages that we got. First in German and Luxembourgish 1th grade and than at 2th grade also in France. And than at the 9th grade i fail in English to.

First i liked school but after the 2th grade ,to hear every time how stupid you are and the feeling before every languages text ,to know you will fail. After i needed to repeat the 2th grade my motivation was gone. You can fail in Luxembourg a grade just one time after the second time you will move to the next one regardless if the second try was successful . So went to the 3th grade. And do you guess what happened. Needed to repeat the 3th grade. Its like that if you don’t get help with your disability.

I was in 4th grade as my aunt found an after school class to help me with my disability. In Trier / German. So i went every Thursday 59km ( with train or my mother drove me there ) after school to get one and a half hour of help to learn german. We didn’t find something with help for France (that was in driving distant.

But it help with the german. Past the 4th, 5th and 6th grade on the first run. But my France has still bad. Very bad.

After 6th grade needed to go directly to the 9th because of my age. I was 15 years old and needed to go to the 9Mo (Mo stands for modular ) .So i skipped the 7th and 8th grade. In my eyes this is not a good move to do to someone how has a learning disability.

Mo is the lowest of all the classes they can sent you. Went to the Lycée technique Nic Biever Was bored the hole time. But still fail in France. After a year i still missed 4 modules in France for going on a po class. So the director told me i am to old to go on. So was with 15 out of school and got told i was to old to go on. For a little bit of perspective if you are out of school in Luxembourg with a 9Mo your are fuck. It means just that you don’t have any diploma that matters and if you had work the last 9 year ,you would had at lest the work experience.

Tried to get in the Lycée technique des Arts et Métiers.The director rejected me because i was a student from Mo.

Quote: “With a Mo your are to stupid for this school.“

Felt down. Went working for a wile.

Find with 18 a Lycée were you could take night classes. So did my 9Po in the Lycée technique du centre.

Went back to the Lycée technique des Arts et Métiers. Second try to get in to our only Art school at our small country. Talking with the director “Your are too old.“ showing my artworks to him. “ Your art dosen’t matter.

I was shocked by that statement. My Art doesn't matter. And thats form the director of our only art school.

I was 18 had no diploma and will never get one .Drawing and Photography is my life and i will never get in our art school.

I still have the same problems today. I have no diploma. Work is changing from time to time but always the same problems. My understanding of the languages are not good enough for this country.

If you visit one of my webpages you know my problem. There are sometimes places of Bad grammar and hilarious selling errors.

Why did it write this. Whats the point about this.

I few days ago i read an article about Dyslexic children in Luxembourg how don’t get help. And it just pissed me of. Its 2014 and we have a new government thats is in charge and does the same mistakes that the old one did. If you miss out on helping children with disabilities you just creating more unemployed people. And if you would just had help for people with disability set up and would try to see which students has problem in a early age and help them to get over those problems. You will have a more productive society in 20 year. Do not the same mistakes that the old government did.

I am now 28 years old. I am an Artist. I am a Photographer. I make great paintings ,i produce videos ,photos , art and a lot of other stuff. If you come to my page for the grammar you are dead wrong here. Thanks to the school system of Luxembourg. Working at the Moment for Amnesty International Luxembourg over an ATI contract. I am Co-founder of Geeks Life Luxembourg. And i try to deal with my disability all day. I need to work hard and often go back to everything i write and correct all the spelling error i did make.

Ps: If you find a selling error please point it out .I will try to correct it as soon as i have time.

Thank You for reading this.

Link to the Article i did read. It is from 2013 but just stumbled across it a few days ago.