Be excellent to each other

Its doesn’t matter what your Religion tells you . it will not matter to me . I am a atheist . I despise your Religion if you are a Muslim , Christian , Scientology , Jew etc ..

I respect that your have your religion and i find it important that your have the right to exorcise your religion. But that is also meaning that i have the right to be left alone from your religion.

If you don’t like that i make fun of your religion than don’t watch my videos , don’t look at my drawings . I will never force you to convert form your religion . But i will not stop to make fun of stupid beliefs . I life in Europe . Not i some backwards Country where they still kill people because they think that some people are witches and wizards . I don’t life in a Country where i need to fear your stupid backwards religion . And i will alway stand against those religions if they try to get more power in this country . We all know whats happens if religion is running a country . And nobody here will go back to that. If you want to live in a country that is run by religion . Look to the shit isis is doing. Nobody is keeping you here. Have fun there.

Your are welcome in this Country. And your will alway be welcome here. We are a Land that is free. Where many people from many Countries life together in peace. Because we in Luxembourg don’t care anymore about Gods. Because we know that they are a fantasy . But we also know that some people need the idea of an afterlife to make it easier for them. We will all die at some point and it scares many people. But in the end ,no God will be there. The only time thats matters is know. And the only place thats matters is here. There is nothing after this.

So fuck your religion. And If your really need a message to bring you to the day than take this one :

Be excellent to each other