Je Suis Charlie.

My pen is more powerful than your god.

I'm Charlie. These words are everywhere and will not soon forget.

After the attack on Charlie Harbdo this week where 12 people were killed.There is a question again in the room. Why ? Why do people die because they draw Cartoons ?

It is not the first time that such an attack was made. The memories of Theo van Gogh and the attack on Jyllands-Posten are still fresh in our minds.

But the question remains.Why? Why attack artists ?

The answer is easy. Because Artists holding a mirror to our society's . They show how powerless your ideology's are . Your God can't do anything against our humor . And it shows how pathetic your God , your ideology or your faith is . Because each Dictatorship , Ideology or Faith that is afraid of humor just shows how insignificant it is .

Humor has always been the weapon of the powerless . It is one of the strongest form of criticism . And it been used throw all of history against Dictators , Fanatics and Ideologues . Because people who can not debate there points ( because there points are fucking stupid ) can't stand humor and criticism . It hurts them so much that they try to silents people . Throw censorship or do violence .

With religious fanatics , it's even more meaningful as they demonstrate through their action how powerless their God really are.

So what should we do?

Keep up the drawing . You see how strong our cartoon are . We live in a world where a pencil is stronger than every God. When we show that we stand for freedom of speech we win.

Humor is the medicine for this world .

Je suis Charlie .